Weird Sightings On Google Street View

Google street view can be one of the most amazing ways of wasting time ever created. With this tool, you can explore random places around the world without even have to move one foot away from your comfortable bedroom. With all those images available for anyone in the world to see, sooner or later a lot of strange sightings would be found. From people in ridiculous or unusual circumstances to inexplicable situations to creepy, strange and mysterious places and natural phenomena, this 50 weird Google street view sightings will make you laugh, nod your head in disgust, open your eyes in shock and pick up your jaw up off the floor.

The Pigeon Head People


This creepy street view image can be seen in Musashino, Tokyo. As scary as it looks (imagine finding this peculiar group while walking on the streets) apparently pigeon role-playing is a big thing in Japan.

The Jailbreaker


In this image taken in South Africa, we can see an empty field and a man dressed in an orange jumpsuit running through the road. It sure looks like he just escaped prison and was captured by Google street view cameras, doesn’t it?

The Aliens


If you are navigating through the fantastic universe of Google street view, you can find a picture like this one, a normal street in a normal city with Aliens? casually walking down the street. I suspect there is another explanation, though.

The statue


Since the world is such an interesting and mysterious place, you can also find something like this. A photograph that could be exhibit as an artistic piece in any museum, but is probably just a broken statue lying on the grass.

The Samurais


Some Street View pictures are stories waiting to be told. Like this one taken in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania, in where what appears to be Samurais are battling it out in the middle of a suburban landscape.

The Pranksters


Some people just love the attention Google Street View can bring. In this case, some guys faked a murder in the streets of the UK to gain some popularity when they heard the Google car was in their town. They ended up apologizing.

The Masked People


This disturbing image was taken in Nacozari, Mexico. These scary people wearing masks might be part of a costume party or something worse, but I wouldn’t want to run into them while driving through a lonely road like this one. 

The Van


Google street view might also catch unforgettable moments in people’s life. Like in this case, where a man stepped out of his house only to see his van burning up in flames and being reduced to ashes.

The Naked Man


Something fishy is for sure going on here. A naked man about to exit the trunk of a car. A dog pretending to be dead. But mostly the naked man exiting the trunk, that can’t be good.

The old man


There is something terrifying about this picture. Probably the old man walking through the leafy road, wearing a suit, carrying a bag, with his silver hair shining through the remaining light.

The island of dolls


This creepy place is located right south of Mexico city between the canals of Xochimilco and is dedicated to a little girl that died under mysterious circumstances. It’s said that all the dolls there are possessed by her spirit.

The Penny-farthing bike


In the streets of Cottesloe, Western Australia, you can see someone taking out his mascot, a Penguin, on a Penny Farthing bike like it’s the regular thing to do on a Sunday morning. 

The creepy figure


This still seen on Nancy, France, is certainly creepy and many questions come to my head when I look at it, like who or what is that? Is it a person with a mask? Is it a mannequin? Why is it looking at me??

The Horse


And sometimes you can be casually scrolling through Google street view and see Bojack Horseman sitting next to a table eating a banana on the side of the road. 

The Angel


This still seen in a Swiss road generated quite a buzz online because many people thought this was an Angel returning to heaven through a portal.

The escape


This still taken in Pittsburg shows someone apparently trying to escape from a high window by tying some sheets together. Too bad the Google car didn’t go back so we could see how that turned out. 

The Nap


This person in Asia thought that it was such a beautiful day, with the sun shining up in the sky, that it might be ideal to take a nap. So he took it there by the road. Too bad we won’t know if a car roll over him or not.

The Twins


This creepy photo looks like it was taken in some alternate futuristic planet in where everything comes in pairs, as we see these two people looking exactly alike walking by a creek. 

The creepy corpses


These mannequins look like mummified corpses that have been rotten for so long in that particular corner captured by the Google car, that they started to look like mummies. 

The hiding


I just hope this person is playing hide and seek because if he is not, it is very sad that he has to spend his days in such a small place in such an uncomfortable position!

The Birth


This looks exactly like a birth is happening right when the Google street view car is passing by, you can even see the baby being delivered. I wonder if this is real or as fake as the UK „murder“ was.

The Tiger


I wonder what this Tiger was doing in an almost deserted parking lot, walking around like it’s a normal day in town. I bet the Google street view car didn´t want to stick around to see it.

The mysterious people


What are these people up to? These looks like something fishy is going on in a lab somewhere and these people were so unlucky that the Google camera passed by in the worst possible moment.

The donkey


This image of a donkey down on a street in Botswana, cause quite a stir cause people thought the Google street view car actually run over it, but it was later discovered that the donkey was just rubbing itself on the ground.

The drunk


This guy can be seen scrolling through Google street view Australia: it looks like he was very drunk coming home and he didn’t quite make it to the bed. Exactly the moment you wouldn’t want immortalize by a Google camera.

The baby


It looks that the parents were buying expensive stuff at Gucci and the baby squeezed through the door and started crawling around. And the Google street view camera captured it.

The murder mystery


This picture seen in the Netherlands went viral because it looks like people dragging a bloody body through the peer to throw it to the river. But it turned out it was just people taking their dog for a walk.

The clown


You have to look closely here to realize that there is a clown spying the street from the sewer grate, and then you realize this looks taken right out of a horror movie while you feel shivers down your spine. 

The creepy village


Nagoro Village is a tiny village in Japan in where for every one person that dies there’s a life-sized doll built in their memory. Taking a ride through that village via Google street view can be a surreal experience. 

The two guys


These are either two old guys looking and dressing exactly alike walking through the street close to each other, or is this a glitch on the Google camera? We might never know…



This Google street view still was captured in Australia, and internet users speculate that it might be a triangle UFO since similar ones have been seen all over the world right before the car camera caught this one.

The scarecrows


This creepy still seen in Kainuu, Finland, looks like The Walking Dead, or The Night of the living dead, or a group of zombies, but there is only a snowy field filled with scarecrows. 

The fight


This strange picture has been taken is Oscarsborg, Norway, and it shows two people in red jumpsuits apparently fighting. They look like scientists that were working on a lab, so maybe they are fighting over something important?

The end of the world


Apparently, Google street view spotted the end of the world, and is right at the Mojave desert, in California. There’s also a sign that says Hell and points beyond the ending. I wouldn’t want to go there.

The resting superhero


Google street view is not all about grandiose stuff, sometimes they will just catch a superhero napping on a park bench, you know, after an exhausting morning trying to save the world. 

The guy on the gas mask


These disturbing still was seen in Moscow, Russia. I wonder what this guy was doing, with a gas mask, in the middle of the woods in Russia. I might not really want to know the answer.

The cloud monster


This image captured in Italy immortalize the exact moment in where the clouds were shaped like a smoke monster of some sorts with its head shaped like a demonic hook

The abducting UFO


This image that can be found in Hackettstown, New Jersey looks like it captured the exact moment in where an UFO is abducting someone, since you can see the lights coming out of the ship.

The chilling monkeys


These monkeys chilling are real and can be found at the Jigokudani Monkey Park, in Japan, in where they spend their days chilling at the warm waters of the natural hot springs of the Yokoyu River valley.

The crash


This accident happened in Seattle, where the Google car camera captured the exact moment in where a Northwestern bus hanging over Interstate 5 right after crashing. Scary!! 

The fire


Again, the Google camera was in the right place at the right time to catch this house setting on fire when people inside the houses were coming out to try to put it out.

The woman at the road


This photo captured by the Google camera makes you wonder why that woman is sitting in the road with her things around her. Has she just been rolled by that car passing by? Has she been robbed? Did the google car helped her? 

The road


This picture of a deserted snowy road looks like it could be part of an artistic photography installation, but is just a Google Street view still of an abandoned road somewhere

The car accident


What are the chances that the google street view camera would pass by an accident right after it happened? Because this is exactly what happened in this still that can be found in Scotland.

The snorkelers


I guess we will never solve the mistery of the two guys dressed as snorkelers in Norways and trying to attack something or someone with a rake. A very strange situation to say the least.

The slacker Alien


In the Google street view universe, you can also find a slacker Alien sitting on the neighborhood like some parasite instead of going to work or doing something productive for society. It’s amazing how fast these creatures adapt!

The photo bomber seagull


This seagull that the Google camera found in England was totally trying to photobomb the Google car camera and actually succeeded. You don’t find such determined, smart seagulls every day.

The deer


This picture of a deer running through a road while contemplating the beautiful landscape might be stunning but I can’t help to think that a loose deer on a mountain highway might be very dangerous.

The Ghost town


This Ghost Town is located in California’s Bodie State Historic Park and, while now it is completely deserted and kind of creepy, it used to have over 10.000 habitants and all the houses, parks and goods are there.

The Japanese ghost town


This abandoned Island located in Japan is called Gunkanjima and is an abandoned Island near Nagasaki. With Google street view, you can do an interactive 360 walkthrough and be creeped out from the distance.