Incredible Photos Prove That Everything In Australia Will Try To Kill You

Australia is an awesome place. It is full of beaches (It would take you 27 years to visit all the australian beaches at a rate of one per day), incredible cities, strange customs and a lot of animals. 90% of all animal species found in Australia can’t be found anywhere else in the world, so it is home of the most weird and dangerous animals out there.If you are planning a visit to Australia be very careful, because you will definitely find the most gorgeous landscapes in the world, but you will also find danger at every step. Take a look at these incredible photos that prove that everything in Australia will try to kill you. Australia is an incredible place full of beautiful cities, beaches and nice people. But don’t make yourself too comfortable: It is also full of dangers.



Have you ever seen a spider like this? That’s no surprise: There are almost 38000 known species of spiders, and it is believed that there are plenty more that hasn’t been identified yet.



What you see in this picture is a Nephila Pilipes eating its prey. These are the largest known orb-weaving spiders and one of the biggest spiders in the World. It can reach a size of 20cm.