What Did I Just See? 50 Pictures That Will Make You Look Twice

“I’ve seen it with my own eyes”, we say when we want someone to believe us. Because nothing in this world is more trustable than our eyes. They are like Shakira’s hips: they don’t lie. They’ve never failed us… Right? Right?!?

Sometimes they do, and it’s for our own sake. And God bless these confusions because they are a lot of fun. There’s a big funny pictures trend on the internet, so big that they even have their own name: “double-take pictures”. They need a second look -and, sometimes, more than five seconds- to be codified by the human brain. They look dirty, but we swear they are not. You can tell that to your boss when they think you’re watching questionable material online. They even look surreal. They are altogether unexpected and funny. And they are the reason why you should always check twice before uploading a capture!

Wait, What?

Los40 Mexico

If you are like us, you might be wondering where this lady buys her shoes. She might even invent a new sport: handfootball. The problem is to find more people to play it with.

Friendship Never Ends


Oh, young friendship. So fresh, so genuine, so pure. You even feel like you are the same person. Other times, you’d lose your head for them. These two seem to be experiencing both things.